Hello Friends…whoever you may be.

it’s certainly been a long while since I’ve been here….

I’m not really sure what to write or update you with. Life has been crazy and hectic and beautiful and scary and everything in between in the 3 months we’ve lived here. I’ve met SOOOO many amazing and kind Lawrencians. I mean….I can’t even tell you how many new and beautiful people I’ve met.

The few friends I have here have gone above and beyond to include me and introduce me and welcome me.

The new friends I’ve made have done the same…

it’s amazing and humbling.

it’s also been overwhelming.

I’ve got new neighbor friends, new country friends, story time friends, friend-of-friends friends, store owner friends, Bunko friends…I don’t know how any of the groups of people I meet know each other and none of their names or incomes or what street they live on matter to me (these things were all very important where I had previously lived)…and it’s SO refreshing.

Every person I’ve met I have made it a point to receive with an open heart. It’s been beautiful!

I would tell you it’s been a much harder adjustment for me than expected. I thought it would be so easy living “in the country, but only a few miles from town,” but it’s quite lonely. No one stops by to see me on their way to Target or dinner or just because. I’m usually the one dropping in on people when I’m bored or lonely…and that’s pretty often.

That’s not to say I’m lonely, I’m not…just still adjusting.

For instance, our home is so beautiful and the land is so gorgeous that I still find myself in awe. Is this really ours? Each time I pull down our hill and see the white fence around the 5 acre horse pasture, I gasp!!!! Then I pull up on The Right Turn Ranch sign and just smile.


Only, it doesn’t really feel like it yet!

It’s so stunning here and so serene and so peaceful it feels like I’m at a resort in the woods. And, for that reason, it feels like I’m on a really long vacation and that, at any minute, I should be catching a flight back to Colorado.

Sure, I see my couches and our family pictures on the wall….but….I’m not quite sure this is home just yet.

I’m sure this is all *normal* and as we hang the pictures on the wall in the Family Room this weekend of our family (starting with our Engagement Pictures…up to Lowe & Reeve with me this week) it will feel more like a *home*.

These things just take time I guess.

Kirk has adjusted quite well. From the cowboy hat on his head to Dickie’s he wears to mow the yard in….he has found his calling.

I’m still working on being out in the country, that’s been the hard part, but I do sure love me some Lawrence.

Here is a picture of Cheyenne’s Blue Eye…not sure how that ties in to this post, but it’s somewhat unique and odd for a horse I’m told. She doesn’t trust us yet…she’s better every day and we’ve seen the horses galloping quite a lot lately. The previous owners told us they didn’t do this and we take it as a sign they like us (or that the 200+ pounds we’ve helped them shed has allowed them to run more easily).

Chey's Eye

and the deer up by Deer Creek (named fittingly). This is the bottom of the hill we have to drive down. It’s always intimidating to first-time visitors, but it ain’t no mountain and I’ve driven many of those in my day so it’s nothing to me.


I’m going to try to post more this week. It’s been a little crazy with school being out for the summer and we just spent 2 nights at my parents house.

I hope you are all having a great summer and ready for some POOL action.


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