Master Bath

It’s so hard for me not to just call up contractors and order a complete remodel of the rooms I don’t love. But, let’s face it, that’s not financially feasible nor is it even smart. Not having actually lived in the house, I don’t really know how I want to use the space.

One thing we are able to do right away is paint all of the oak cabinets we don’t love and change out some of the flooring.

While on Instagram, I saw the picture below and traced it back to House of Turquoise and was able to get the actual paint name. I am always so happy when bloggers that I adore actually answer me back. It makes me feel special!

House of Turquoise

The paint color is Blue Green by Farrow & Ball and I can assure you that St. Joseph, MO does not carry that anywhere. I was a little heartbroken as blues, greens and blue greens are so hard to match.

I sort of gave up. Not a big deal, I’ll just get as close as I can.

Well, then, after leaving the gym and driving to get a salad I saw the Taco John’s and it all went downhill. My salad became 3 crunchy tacos eaten in a parking lot feeling guilty and sick to my stomach at the same time. Was it the guilt or the grease?

Either way…as I’m sitting there crumpling up the wrapper to rid the evidence I look up and see a Westlake Hardware store next door. What the hell, I thought.

I went in and the nicest old guy with the sweetest Midwestern combover was able to put Farrow & Ball Green Blue into his computer after he hunted and pecked each letter and found it!  WHAT!

He mixed that $1.99 sample (everything is so much cheaper here) right up and I did not love it.

GREEN blue…..not blue green.

Farrow & Ball Green BlueI don’t love green. So, we found out how to add a little blue and came up with Steely Blue by Valspar…..and  I’m so happy with it.

Valspar Steely Blue

I love this color. Now, the current bathroom has brand new tile floors & back splash with heated tiles and I don’t love them, I don’t even really like them, but they are quite neutral and will look really great with this color cabinets.

The counters are white marble (which I’m okay with) but the faucets are gold (we will replace those right away) and there is no lighting over the mirrors (also an easy fix) and we will get new mirrors, so picture all of that in this space. Plus white walls…that pea green that is on there now gives me diarrhea. I really, really hate green paint.

Master Bath

I think it’s going to be pretty great. I love pops of color and think it will help this boring bathroom become quite the statement.

When the clawfoot tub is installed I will be even happier. 🙂

At this point in reading this my husband has probably rolled his eyes 8 times and is going to lecture me on Patience and Budgets and I will zone him out and we all will just move forward as I like. I don’t really like either of those words and Kirk knows this about me. It’s an ongoing battle between us…one that I usually win.

So, what do you think of that bathroom? Do you like pops of color and painted cabinets or do you prefer wood stains like the existing oak? I have Bipolar Paint Disorder so I have a hard time with wood stains…

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  1. Kristina Davis
    February 12, 2016 at 7:50 pm (2 years ago)

    I like the oak cabinets, but the pea green walls have to go. Lol


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