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Peanut Butter, Paint & Playdates

As I sit at the island in my new kitchen eating my new favorite snack and thinking back on the day, I find that I am quite in love with this little town. Lawrence has filled the holes our family was looking to fill.

Less than 2 weeks in this small town and I’ve met some of THE most amazing people!

Living in Colorado, I sort of grew to expect people to be busy or “too busy.” Everyone seemed to have “too much going on” or were going “up to the mountains.” My friends were mostly my neighbors and trying to find a Mommy Group that I really fit into wasn’t that easy. I loved my MOPS (Mothers of Pre Schoolers) group, but never really grew too many of those friendships too deep. My neighbors were great people and we loved them…we MISS them, but again, BUSY! I get it. Once you have kids, your lives are busy.

Or are they?

“Busy” became an excuse it seemed. You can easily tell someone you are “busy” and just get out of a lot of commitments and promises.

In Lawrence, it’s slower. I don’t live in a Concrete Jungle that 100,000 people PER YEAR are moving too. In fact, I live in the opposite of that…a country dirt road and a quarter mile private road where I actually saw a pack of coyotes gnawing on a crow today.

It’s slower here. People aren’t racing. Highways aren’t full. Buildings don’t block the sun and there isn’t a Brown Cloud over the city. Strangers wave at you from their car with what I call the “Two Finger salute.” You can stop on the side of the road on your drive home to let your babies get out of the car and look at the tiny calves at the cattle ranch next door….and by “next door” I mean about 1/2 a mile down the road.

Finally….our Insides match our Outsides.

I feel like I’ve made more *friends* in the two weeks here than I did after 10 years in Denver. Now, mind you, I’m still getting to know a lot of these people and most of them don’t know how crazy I can be yet….but these people are opening their doors to me. Their hearts. Telling me their stories and it’s been humbling to have found what we came looking for.

Think about that….

When Kirk and I started whispering this dream to move out of the city and away from the mountains we love to let our boys grow up on land and with space, we really didn’t even think we were serious! We honestly would just say that we wanted “a slower life” and for our “to be less consumed by stuff.” We wanted a life where our boys knew corn grew in fields that farmers tended to and that it was their livelihood and that corn did not, in fact, come from Target.

Our dreams and whispers are now a reality.

And we are meeting so many great people! It’s been so fun these past 2 weeks. I can’t wait to see what some of they will add to our already so very full hearts and lives. Getting to know new people and hear their “stories” has really shown me how blessed we are to be at this place at this time in our lives.

I swear I’ve told our “story” 40 times.

Here is the condensed version if you are just now tuning in.

We lived in the City. Bums shit in our yard. Intravenous needles on our porch. Sirens all night. We moved to the suburbs, got married, had kids and could see from our dining room table what the neighbors were having for dinner. We were sad that our boys had a cul de sac patch of grass and one rock to jump off of. Was it enough? We would visit family here and started fantasizing about renovating a farmhouse (F You, Joanna Gaines). Two years passed. Looked at houses. Found one we liked. Almost made an offer. Kirk went to look at a house in the country on 13 acres with 2 horses. I didn’t go with him or realtor because I didn’t want to live in the house based on the pictures. Kirk was gone for 3 hours. I called Kirk. Kirk said I had to come look. I drove down the drive and two horses galloped along side me. Kirk had hands in pocket, smile on his face and had taken a Lover….she was a white home with a red door and a barn and animals galore. Made offer. Offer accepted. Listed our house. Sold in one showing. Two months later lived with friends and family until house was ours….BOOM!

You should see the looks on people’s faces. Their first reaction is ALWAYS, “we LOVE Denver…we would love to live there” and then they realize what they’ve just said and next is, “Well, welcome to Lawrence, you will love it here.” And we get that…we DO! Denver is gorgeous! The mountains are gorgeous. The weather is gorgeous!

But…my amazing, thoughtful, smart, kind and wise husband said this one night and I stopped him and grabbed my iPhone just so I could write it down (an act which takes ALL romanticism out of what he actually said).

“Colorado is beautiful. It says, ‘Come!! Play here.’ But Kansas is beautiful in a different way, It says, ‘Come!!! I will feed you, I will take care of you.’

And who doesn’t want that? Would you rather play or be held tight by a place and people who will take care of you?

Reeve is loving his new school and already has new best friends (but he does cry a lot of Deklan, Camden, Lucas and Jordan….and it breaks my f-ing heart. Real tears….sad tears in the backseat with no words or whining and that’s how I knew it’s real). And all of this after 2 weeks straight of painters in my home and 3 melt downs over wall colors. All of this after a bag of graham crackers covered in my new favorite Skippy Natural Peanut Butter Spread with Honey. And all of this after yet ANOTHER day where my best friend, Whitney, takes Reeve for the day (while she’s actually working from home) so I can run an errand of some sort.

And that’s a whole other post…the help we’ve received from her and my Sister-in-law….that’s another one. Also, there is the “take me to my knees” emotions that I experience every time I’m with my best friend and our boys are best friends and it all began with a sorority almost 20 years ago. She said it first when she said, “Would our 20-year-old selves ever have thought our boys would be best friends?” And all of this after THREE playdates with people I’ve never met but who have heard about us or who we met at church or on a playground.

It’s crazy how this town has opened it’s arms to us…LITERALLY!

Why, the other day, at Story Time at the library with Whitney and another sorority sister from KC someone came up to me and said, “are you Jessie?”

SHIT…..who doesn’t get sweaty pits whenever a conversation starts like that?

It was a friend of a friend (4 friends and counting actually) who I became Facebook friends with. She recognized Lowe and me and we hit it off just like we were REAL friends and not Facebook friends. We chatted and she introduced me to another friend and now I’ve got 12 friends here in Lawrence I didn’t have 2 weeks ago! We even have a coffee date this week and will probably find a way to either get drunk together or spend money on jeans together soon!

Her name is Melissa and she has a new blog too! CHECK It out HERE!!! Her story is REAL! I can’t wait to see what brought us together in this world! I can’t wait!

She is quite a bit funnier than mine and makes me rethink my whole modus operandi. I’m all “need to buy some boots to kick horse shit piles in because that’s what the previous owners told us to do to make the grass in the pasture green” and she’s all over there blogging about cute clothes and Luminous Weightless Liquid Foundation and pink skirts and bottles of wine that cost TWENTY DOLLARS!

Folks….if it ain’t got a 9 and a 9 and then a period and another 9…it ain’t coming home with me.

But, Melissa, I’ll drink your $20 vino and let’s skip that coffee playdate and go straight to The Wheel and show them young bitches what Black F Me pants and a choker look like.

Thank you Lawrence for being such an awesome little secret in the very middle of the US of A….we love it here and can’t wait to meet more cool people! Also, I think we are the only people here who don’t have a KU basketball schedule memorized and who have to look for the mountains to know where West is?!??!!

and some random pictures from this week

My boys looking out the back window. Every morning the same 3 deer come eat and these two wait and watch them. I love how they look so much alike here.12783597_10208932696019568_21454204118041882_o. These should give you an idea of how exciting MY life is.

These two thought it was so cool that they had on, as Reeve said, “Similar but different shirts.” Addison said his Polo shirt (with Polo players) had “two guys playing golf riding on horses.”

IMG_7453I don’t know how to rotate this, but I am obsessed with these $2.00 wax melts from Wal Mart and giggled when i read this one. It’s Fire Amber and it says “souls catch on fire.” IMG_7461

and, when you have Honey Peanut Butter on Graham Cracker addiction you must use the treadmill to an extreme!IMG_7468


One Week

It’s been one week since we got possession of The Ranch. One crazy, long, hard week.

The day we signed our share of the paperwork to get the home, we arrived at the closing but our bank in Colorado had failed to mention to us that they wouldn’t be able to wire the money needed for closing to us without us actually being there…in person….after hours and hours of time spent on the phone with managers and loan officers, the only solution was for Kirk to drive to the nearest branch of our bank…in Tulsa, Oklahoma.. What a shit storm.

He did it though, like he does everything. With a smile on his face and with no complaints. Clearly, he and I are COMPLETE opposites in that regard (among many others)!

On the day we closed, we had been staying with my parents, my best friend and my brother in random periods of 1-5 days at a time. We intended to not move in until several days or even a week after closing to allow the painters as much time as possible to get a head start on painting the interior of the WHOLE house, but we were all just tired of living out of a suitcase that we borrowed an air mattress, some sheets and towels and spent the next four nights on the floor (the very UNCLEAN floor of our new home).

Painters started painting before we even got possession of the home that morning!

Over the weekend, we shopped for necessities, I bought 49 paint samples, unpacked what we could from what we brought with us, got some groceries and continued on with our 99th meal eating out. Our truck was set to arrive that Monday at 9am.

We got a phone call from a very confused truck driver who let us know that it was absolutely impossible for the VERY large moving truck to make it down our hill! We argued that it WAS possible and it HAD been done, but he assured us even if he got down, there was no way the truck would make it back out. They had to locate a local UHaul and get a smaller truck to the top of our hill where they unloaded the big truck in 4 loads onto the small truck then unloaded it back into our house. Overall, though delayed, it went as smoothly as possible.

My BFF, Whitney, took Reeve for THE WHOLE DAY and Lowe napped in the car out front for 3 hours. My sister-in-law, Connie, helped me unpack the WHOLE kitchen and organized it and here it is Saturday night and we are 98% unpacked. We were just given the go ahead yesterday when the painters left for the weekend after finishing up painting the trim to move our large furniture into place.

Kirk was dreading the unpacking part, but I love it. We get to purge EVEN more and organize! I can’t believe we are less than a week with our stuff and it’s all put away. The only items that aren’t are the rugs (waiting for paint to get finished) and pictures on the wall.

I can’t wait to share the Before & After pictures with everyone. Your eyes can’t even take the amount of oak in the Befores! Mine hurt when I look at them.

We are loving Lawrence so far and basking in all of the help we’ve received from family and friends. It’s almost overwhelming…to go from having NO help to people VOLUNTEERING to take your kid for 8+ hours! We have spent more time doing things with people this week than we did in the 5 years we lived in Highlands Ranch. It definitely takes some getting used to.

We are enjoying exploring the city and finding local spots to enjoy (from ice cream shops to the library and random stores on Mass Street).

Our hearts are full!

We could not love our home and our land more! Each morning the same family of 3 deer come eat out back and Reeve loves watching them. He says, “They’re so cute” and has named the baby Cutie Bear. Birds flutter, squirrels chase each other. I swear, it’s like a Disney movie back there.

The horses are gorgeous and learning to get to know us more every day. Reeve LOVES feeding them with daddy and has to do so either morning or night.

His bedroom is “awesome” and he loves having all of his toys in there with him. Lowe is sleeping all night long or waking up only once. A VERY welcome change from just two weeks ago when he was up 7 times a night.

More later…I’m pretty tired. It was a 70 degree day here in Kansas and a full afternoon out in the sun has me downright pooped. I leave you with this adorable picture of Reeve & Kirk watching the deer out the window.

*note how similar they look and stand. 12783597_10208932696019568_21454204118041882_o

To Remodel or Not?

One room in the house that I have ZERO idea what to do with is the kitchen.

Now, we all know the kitchen is where most people tend to gather when entertaining, and in my mind, this kitchen isn’t very conducive to that….It’s not open to the dining room and has a small island.

Aside from the fact that I don’t love the layout, it’s clearly very outdated. The wallpaper will go when it’s painted within the first 3 weeks. That alone should make a HUGE difference. We are getting new stainless steel appliances and that will help also.

Here is the kitchen now (please look past the awful wallpaper and country decor)

Kitchen 1 Kitchen 2

Here is where my dilemma is. We basically have two options:

  1. Knock down the wall with the stovetop and open the dining room into the kitchen in a few months after we’ve lived in the space for awhile. Totally gut the cabinets and rearrange the entire layout. It will be open concept and gorgeous! Estimates range from $50,000-$75,000
  2. Paint the current cabinets and just move on to the 197 other projects we have in the house. New hardware. New lighting. New stainless appliances. Estimates $10,000 or so. New white farmhouse sink. New tile backsplash under the hood. Remove current island and put in one that is wood and on castors.

Clearly, I’d love to do Option 1, but I also can’t imagine living with a remodel of this magnitude any time soon with small kids. I’m tired of eating out after being displaced for weeks and the idea of having to do that anytime soon makes me cringe.

There is also the fact that there is NOTHING at all wrong with the kitchen the way it is….it’s just not our style.

THIS IS OUR STYLE….and we think we could easily copy it with the existing kitchen.

home-tour-nina-dobrevs-bright-california-cool-bungalow-1602140-1450415172.640x0c home-tour-nina-dobrevs-bright-california-cool-bungalow-1602141-1450415172.640x0c

What do you vote?

I’m already so tired of making decisions and I guess I’m just hoping for confirmation that if we choose Option 2 it will still be pretty.

I’d love to hear your thoughts and suggestions!

Master Bath

It’s so hard for me not to just call up contractors and order a complete remodel of the rooms I don’t love. But, let’s face it, that’s not financially feasible nor is it even smart. Not having actually lived in the house, I don’t really know how I want to use the space.

One thing we are able to do right away is paint all of the oak cabinets we don’t love and change out some of the flooring.

While on Instagram, I saw the picture below and traced it back to House of Turquoise and was able to get the actual paint name. I am always so happy when bloggers that I adore actually answer me back. It makes me feel special!

House of Turquoise

The paint color is Blue Green by Farrow & Ball and I can assure you that St. Joseph, MO does not carry that anywhere. I was a little heartbroken as blues, greens and blue greens are so hard to match.

I sort of gave up. Not a big deal, I’ll just get as close as I can.

Well, then, after leaving the gym and driving to get a salad I saw the Taco John’s and it all went downhill. My salad became 3 crunchy tacos eaten in a parking lot feeling guilty and sick to my stomach at the same time. Was it the guilt or the grease?

Either way…as I’m sitting there crumpling up the wrapper to rid the evidence I look up and see a Westlake Hardware store next door. What the hell, I thought.

I went in and the nicest old guy with the sweetest Midwestern combover was able to put Farrow & Ball Green Blue into his computer after he hunted and pecked each letter and found it!  WHAT!

He mixed that $1.99 sample (everything is so much cheaper here) right up and I did not love it.

GREEN blue…..not blue green.

Farrow & Ball Green BlueI don’t love green. So, we found out how to add a little blue and came up with Steely Blue by Valspar…..and  I’m so happy with it.

Valspar Steely Blue

I love this color. Now, the current bathroom has brand new tile floors & back splash with heated tiles and I don’t love them, I don’t even really like them, but they are quite neutral and will look really great with this color cabinets.

The counters are white marble (which I’m okay with) but the faucets are gold (we will replace those right away) and there is no lighting over the mirrors (also an easy fix) and we will get new mirrors, so picture all of that in this space. Plus white walls…that pea green that is on there now gives me diarrhea. I really, really hate green paint.

Master Bath

I think it’s going to be pretty great. I love pops of color and think it will help this boring bathroom become quite the statement.

When the clawfoot tub is installed I will be even happier. 🙂

At this point in reading this my husband has probably rolled his eyes 8 times and is going to lecture me on Patience and Budgets and I will zone him out and we all will just move forward as I like. I don’t really like either of those words and Kirk knows this about me. It’s an ongoing battle between us…one that I usually win.

So, what do you think of that bathroom? Do you like pops of color and painted cabinets or do you prefer wood stains like the existing oak? I have Bipolar Paint Disorder so I have a hard time with wood stains…

Home Is Wherever I’m With You

Have you heard the story about the time Kirk and I took our first trip alone without Reeve and went to Nashville? Probably not….

Well, it was our first time in over 2 years without a kid (I had just stopped breastfeeding Reeve at 24 months) and Don Linny took him for the weekend. Kirk and I took different planes (partly in case one of the planes crashed and partly so we could meet there and it would feel more like a ‘rendezvous’ “….well, being that it was my first time by myself with no one trying to be held, trying to eat, screaming or pooping, I decided I would start drinking ON THE PLANE. Only, I didn’t. I fell asleep instead. For a glorious 90 minutes I slept without anyone trying to suck the life out of me.

Still, when my flight landed I had another 2 hours or so until Kirk’s plane would land and so I traded out my flip flops for my BCBG cowboy boots with the lace trim and took myself to the Honky Tonk in the airport where an old dude with a guitar sang Garth and Waylon and a little bit of Hootie. The beer was flowing, let me tell you and by the time Kirk landed and found me I was about 9 sheets to the wind.

But that didn’t stop me. No way….Mama was on the loose and the city of Nashville beckoned me with it’s sinful pleasures.

Kirk and I kept on keeping on and drank at about 5 more establishments before we made it to the Ryman Theatre and the Bluebird Cafe. I’m not sure which we went to first, but both were on my music-loving list of “things I have to see before I die”.

Oh, now that I think about it the Bluebird was first b/c I can remember more of it and the Ryman was last b/c, at that point, all reason and sensibility fled and Jessie of Yore made her appearance.

So, if you’ve never heard of Edward Sharpe and the Magnetic Zeroes, now is the part of this story where you must either Google them or start humming along to the song they are most known for “Home is Wherever I’m with You.” It’s a catchy tune and they are something to see live. He’s good looking in this Dirty Hippie who doesn’t bathe or wash his hair sort of way and his music feels partly like you are partying on the beach and partly like you are in a cult swaying to a chant that is hypnotizing you. They clearly enjoy some good drugs and the woman’s face really bothers me, so I can’t describe quite why I’m oddly extremely attracted to him, but will let you watch the video for this song in order to let you get a feel for the next part of the story.

I will also tell you that I don’t *love* the song, it is somewhat annoying with the whistling and one of those songs that the only words anyone knows is the chorus, but it’s now meaningful and will eventually make sense in this story. *click link to watch, I can’t get video to embed for some reason

Okay, so at this particular point in the evening I’ve been drinking steadily for about 10 hours and eaten maybe a bucket of fries. I don’t really drink anymore b/c I’m always breastfeeding (my goal is 2 years with both boys), but I’ve got those boots on and no kids and Kirk and I are pretending we just started dating and are going to music shows like it’s 2009.

What happens next is basically a blur. I’m hippie dancing in the aisle at what is basically one of the Churches of Music alongside 1,000 college students. Kirk is equally amused and annoyed. My arms are swaying and my eyes may even be closed. Home Is Wherever I’m With You is the song by ESMZ that EVERYONE knows and so when it starts playing the place goes wild. I’m pretty sure even the Ghosts of Music Past who haunt the Ryman are up and going. (PS…this night left such an imprint on me that I wanted to name Lowe Ryman at one point).

So, the security guard is yelling at me every couple of minutes to get out of the aisle (we are in the balcony and I’m sure I could easily fall over to below as I’ve worked my way down to the front of it) and I’m yelling back at her. I’m falling. Tripping. Dancing…..I remember Edward is wearing a church robe and he’s barefoot and he’s letting kids up on stage and someone says that their music kept him from committing suicide and a kid with red hair came down from the balcony and played the harmonica. It was a spectacle and so perfectly what I love about music and hippies.

then it all goes black and I’m screaming Rocky Top Tennessee in one of the Honky Tonks on Broadway Street after Kirk has begged the bouncer to let me in after he takes one look at me and says, “I’m  not letting her in.” Kirk says (remember he’s been drinking too) “why, because she’s so hot?” bless his delusional heart and the bouncer says, “no, because her eyes are rolling back in her head.”

I am singing Home Is WHerever I’m With You and dancing and falling…it’s really quite embarrassing. We stumble back to our hotel, me barefoot and Kirk trying to keep me from falling in the street. I wake up the next morning and the bottoms of my feet are BLACK with dirt. Our friends are set to arrive to meet us that day and we have ruined any chance of having fun with them the rest of the weekend because we are so hungover the next morning we can’t even walk, let alone be enjoyable.

I drink maybe 2 more beers over the next 3 days and Kirk ends up with a GIANT tattoo on his arm. We eat a pizza with an egg on it and see Billy Ray Cyrus perform. The weekend was basically one big Shit Show.

So, what the hell does this story have to do with anything you may be asking yourself at this point?

Well, I think about that night a lot. I think about that song and dancing and how I’m not really very fun anymore. How I can’t drink and party, but I can dance my ass off and sing along to songs at the top of my lungs even if my voice sounds like a stray cat being strangled….and I do….daily. I sometimes call Kirk in the middle of the day if he’s in a bad mood I start singing just to cheer him up. When A Man Loves a Woman is my Go To song. I can still wear cute boots and I’ve got an awesome husband who loves the shit out of me. We have two boys who breastfeed for too damn long and I NEVER get to be alone b/c of it. I don’t care if I fall over, I dance in aisles and jump up and down to good music. I FEEL things. It’s both a blessing and a curse. My heart is on my sleeve and I swear I was born with it broken just a little bit b/c I really, really *feel* the the things I feel. I’m don’t see things in black or white, but about every shade of gray in between and my husband loves me despite all of that. I appreciate dirty hippies and love a good bohemian crowd. I’m irrational and emotional and this song and that night just remind me that my spectrum of emotions is about 97 times more complex than the average person.

So, when I think about this adventure and our new house out in the woods and the somewhat solitary abode we’ve chosen to raise our boys in, I think about that night and, particularly, that annoying/catchy/cliche song because….

Home IS wherever I’m with them.

And I feel like I may need a visual reminder of that which I can look at daily. See, you will hear me say the following QUITE often. I am a VERY visual person and my surrounding affect me deeply. If I’m happy to look at where I am, I am happy. If I’m in a space I don’t find aesthetically appealing (doesn’t have to be MY style) I am in a bad mood. Colors affect me deeply and fonts really do make my brain smile. My former roommate one time painted her bedroom red and to this day I can hardly stand the color, colors just do that for me.

So, the following three pieces really speak to me. When I read those 6 words I just smile to myself. I need one of them in my home to remind me of that awesomely awful night and that it doesn’t matter if I can’t see the mountain, my HOME is where my boys are.

I guess my long story simply boils down to I may need something in my home to remind me that even if I’m in the middle of nowhere in Kansas with horses and soon a baby goat and it may not be the mountains it is HOME. We all know Home isn’t a place, but a feeling, right?

First Option is my favorite. Likely b/c it’s the most expensive…of course.

I love any and everything from The House of Belonging and it goes so well with some of the other pieces I already have.

House of Belonging

The second option is quite different and I love turquoise, but it might be a bit much, you know? It’s really pretty though.


The third option is the most affordable b/c you buy the image and print it yourself in whatever size you want. That also means you have to frame it yourself though and who knows if I would ever get around to it….but for only $6 I might.






There are some *serious* conversations going on these days in our home. (insert sarcasm)….

Imagine, if you will, the following conversations where I show Kirk 18 pictures on Pinterest and he pretends to listen all while reading the news or rolling his eyes when he thinks I’m not looking.

Do you like this gray or this gray?
Look at this paint swatch, do you see green in it?
What do you think of this sconce?
Which chairs should I get for the new table?
This duvet cover or this comforter?

It’s exciting stuff, let me tell you.

Well, I won’t lie, I LOVE all of it…Kirk not so much!

I imagine it’s the equivalent of talking about Captive Management? What is that even? What does Kirk even do? Who knows!

So, tonight’s question is the following: Do we do a Window Seat in our Master Bedroom or two chairs?

Here is our Master Window. Picture it painted light gray, without those Country Curtains, trim painted white, inside window mullions painted black and their furniture GONE!

Window Master

Do you prefer a built-in Window Seat such as this?Screen Shot 2016-02-04 at 8.26.59 PM

or two reading chairs such as this?Screen Shot 2016-02-04 at 8.24.00 PM

Told you…pressing issues around here.

I have a definite favorite after seeing these 3 pictures.

Which do you prefer? I’d love to hear. I figure they will cost roughly the same….thoughts?

New Table

I’m so excited about this new table from Restoration Hardware I bought for our house.

I’m currently trying to find chairs like these but a little darker, more of a black than silver….

diningtableWe have a dining room that will be opened up into the kitchen later this year or early next and that will house our more “formal” Crate & Barrel table and West Elm chairs, but we also have a huge Family Room that will fit our large sectional and is just calling for a more casual table for one of the back corners. I envision my family sitting there playing Board Games, coloring and just love that the table can’t really get ruined…it’s meant to look distressed.


I love the metal legs and that it’s on castors so I could easily move it if I needed to.


With two boys (one of which who spills every glass I give him) it’s just perfect b/c you can’t really mess it up.


The legs are so sturdy…


Kirk is going to kill me, but I think I need to order this 1890 Stag Head too….he is just begging to go on the wall in that room.prod1860696

he looks so menacing.

What shall I name him?

Dining Room

I can’t even with all the wallpaper in this house. I just can’t….

So, once it’s all removed (which is happening before we move in), I have to start reminding myself that what I actually have is a completely blank slate. The molding will be painted white and the window mullions (thanks, Erin, for teaching me that word) will be black-ish.

Picture a new light and once we remodel the kitchen, the wall below with the wreathe and 2 black things on it will be knocked out to open it into the kitchen.IMG_0011

Look at these floors! Aren’t they gorgeous? I keep reminding myself to look DOWN because if I look UP I always just see wallpaper….and flowers….two things I am not a fan of.IMG_0017

We have this Basque Java Table from Crate & Barrel we could put in there.


or this table from Restoration Hardware we could use.


and 8 of these Willoughby chairs from West Elm in gray….


I honestly don’t even know what to do. Two colors, one on top and another on bottom? Same colors? Dark? Light?

Chair Rails confuse me.

What are your thoughts for this room?

I’m torn between light & creamy like my dear friend JoJo from Fixer Upper would do like below.


or something like this taking advantage of the Chair Rails.


what would you do? Keeping in my mind I will most likely use the more formal of the two tables (the dark one)…..thoughts?

I am open to any suggestions/ideas y’all have. Flood me with your ideas.

I’m In Love

Folks, I don’t know how it managed to happen, but I’ve fallen in love with a sink. You read that right. I am in love with the Brockway Wash Sink and it’s downright a sin!

Sometimes, you know, I just feel downright sorry for my poor husband. I just can’t help it when I see something I want b/c I HAVE TO HAVE IT and this sink is a perfect example.

I also feel sorry for him b/c I obsess over things like sinks…and paint colors…and Moscow Mule Mugs (that’s a good story).

Here is the Powder Room in our new house.

Powder Room

it hurts!  It hurts my eyes!  That wallpaper. The brown toilet lid. The brass fixtures. The wicker shelf. The wreathe….


The painter is taking the wallpaper down to paint (Praise God) and we will replace the toilet, but let’s talk about the sink I would like to put in there.

Are you ready?

Ladies & Gentlemen, let me introduce you to the Kohler Brockway Wash Sink!

Kohler Brockway Sink

Now, mind you, I don’t know that there is room on the wall where the sink is for this sink yet, but if there is….Kirk, we need to find this sink and let it become the 5th member of our family. Brockway SInk Brockway Sink

and my personal favorite color combo, white with turquoise!Sink Heaven

what do you think of the sink? My mom said there is nowhere to put anything, but the powder room is so big you could put tables and baskets galore.

Just, first, let’s start by giving 1995 all of it’s flowers and wicker back, okay?

The North Bedroom (Reeve)

To say that I am slightly obsessed with making Reeve’s room perfect would possibly be an understatement. In my mind, this transition from living on a cul de sac with over 20 kids to a Ranch with no neighbors will go much smoother if his room is everything he wants…and more!

When I ask him what he wants, all he says at this point is that he wants it black!

Probably not gonna happen.

His room now is dark blue, almost navy, and I’d love to do something similar just to make it feel like the room he already has and because the dark walls help darken his room at night, but I’m kind of over it.

His new room is pretty dang cool! It has vaulted ceilings and is very long. There is a large walk in closet with built-in organizers. It has a space where we are going to add a floating desk. His Brimnes Ikea Bed & Headboard fits perfectly under one wall.


It has a Hidey Hole. A Batcave…a “not-so-secret room”

Reeve's Bedroom

I know…MORE wallpaper. I can’t even….but see that brown door? It has a room about 10 feet square that will hold all of his Batman toys. Out of sigh. Away. No one else can see them

He is so excited about this….

Okay, so, his headboard and bedframe are white and will butt up against that same wall. Here is my question?

Paint it black or funky navy blue? Or do I leave it gray-ish and paint that tall wall with the door on it black/blue? I am hoping to put the Mini Batman Decals in the composite below on that wall.

Remember, we are doing a Batman-inspired room…..

Boys Bedroom 1

The other end of his room (upper right picture) will hold some of the white Ikea Kallax Storage Units (see the white unit on bottom left picture).

I’ve also ordered a few of these prints from MiniLearners on Etsy and will hang them too. They are so cute, like $6 and will fit perfectly in some of the Ikea frames I am not using right now.

Boys Will Be BOysSo what are your thoughts? I can’t do an all-white/gray room and really want to add a few splashes or black or dark blue like in the background of the composite I’ve created.

I’d love to hear your ideas.

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