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Friday Favorites (beauty)

So, I not only haven’t worn makeup in well over a week, it’s now Thursday as I write this and my hair has not been washed since I had it cut Saturday. Gross! ¬†Whatever….I’ve bathed every day, I just haven’t washed my hair and am sporting lots of bang-braids and ponytails. As far as makeup, I don’t see anyone ever so why bother anymore?

*side note…yesterday I put a clean shirt on and it had a giant dried booger from Lowe on the chest….BOY MOM! GROSS!!!

So, since makeup is a luxury, my Beauty Favorites tend to be more about skincare or quick fixes I can use to hide problems. Here are some of the things I *found* in my stocking yesterday. Actually, Kirk found them hidden in a black and white striped Sephora bag in the back of my SUV and said “what’s all this?” and I said, “don’t worry about it.” ūüôā

Friday Favorites (Beauty)

Friday Favorites (Beauty)

1. Aussie 3-Minute Miracle Moist Conditioner¬†$3.99 Okay, so I have this really annoying (or smart depending on who you ask) habit of picking one of these up every time I am at Target. I can usually find them 2 for $5.00 so it’s a no-brainer. It’s really dry here in CO and this seems to be the only conditioner I can find that is creamy and leaves my hair soft. I’ve tried their regular conditioner and even it can’t compete with this treatment. It’s super thick and smells great. At any given moment I have 4 or 5 under my sink. I don’t wash my hair but ever 4 or 5 days so a bottle lasts me a month. I’m more than addicted to this stuff.

2. SEPHORA COLLECTION MicroSmooth Baked Sculpting Contour Trio $21.00 The picture does this no justice…the colors are so soft and pretty. I try to always wear a little blush and love this highlighter to give my cheeks a little sparkle without being all Teenage Girl Sparkly.

3. Beauty Counter Lip Sheer¬†$28 I NEVER wear lipstick., but this¬†Lip Sheer is more like a moisturizer¬†to me in that it’s¬†smooth and lasts a really long time. I like it b/c the color is soft and it’s really just SO¬†moisturizing (like a chapstick) and not matte at all. Plus, all of Beauty Counter’s products are Safe and contain ingredients that are committed to a much higher quality of standards than any other on the market in the U.S.

4. Dollar Shave Club Razor¬†$7/month I bought this monthly subscription for Kirk in his stocking last year and quickly stole the $7 blade once I upgraded him to the $9 blade. A $7 razor is good enough for these legs. Who am I kidding, they only get shaved once a week or so and this baby does a fantastic job! But Seriously….the blade has lasted months and I love it.

5. Anastasia Perfect Brow Pencil¬†$23 I love this eyebrow pencil b/c the tip is really thin and looks very natural when you use it. It comes with a brush on one end and every time I go into a makeup store for a pencil, I always walk out with this one. My eyebrows are really light blonde naturally and even more so in the summer when I’ve been out in the sun and their colors always are just perfect for me.

6. Zents¬†FRESH eau de toilette¬†$56 Sigh…..this one is a HUGE love of mine. I rarely use perfume, but if I’m daring to put anything other than yoga pants on, I also make sure to spritz some of this on. It’s so light and fresh! It honest to God just smells like the best clean laundry you’ve ever smelled. “Sparked by the fusion of healing and art, ZENTS scents become potent potions as they react with your body‚Äôs natural chemistry.” I have seen it in Anthropologie but found my first bottle in the cutest little boutique in Denver and fell in love!

7. Purest Palm Body Brush¬†$9.99 I started using a Dry Brush after Lowe was born. I quickly lost all of my baby weight, but my skin on my stomach wasn’t shrinking. I know, I know…it takes 9 months to make it and lose it and yada yada…I read that dry brushing increased circulation and helped with skin shrinkage went out and bought one. I watched several tutorials on the proper way to use it (circular motion always towards you heart) and now use it every other bath. It feels so good and exfoliates wonderfully! If you don’t have one, RUN to the store and get it now.

8. Rosebud Lip Salve¬†$6.00 I’ve been using this since college when I bought my first little tin at Urban Outfitters. It smells wonderfully and is so inexpensive I never feel guilty when I go through a tin in a month or so. I also love to use it as a cuticle softener. I’ve been known to use this as one of my Favorites any time I have a gift exchange.

9. Thayer’s Alcohol-Free Rose Petal Witch Hazel¬†$9 I picked this up at the Vitamin Cottage when Lowe was pretty little b/c I liked the bottle. Good reason to buy something, huh? But I quickly discovered it is THE best makeup remover. I would use my regular makeup remover and be pretty happy and then put some of this on a cotton ball and see dirt! ¬†DIRT!!! ¬†Actual Dirt! ¬†The bottle last forever and it smells so good. Every time I use it I feel like my skin just glows!

10. Naked Eye Shadow Pallete¬†$29 When I do wear eyeshadow, I really love this palette! ¬†The pinks, mauves and golds are my favorites! ¬†The brush alone is worth $29. I will tell you my little secret too! ¬†I bought this palette from one of my Mom Co-Ops for only $8 and have 4 more ordered and on the way. I can’t stop watching YouTube videos of 20-somethings who put this stuff on. They layer and cake it on and I’m amazed by what they can do with it, but that’s not for me. Nope. I like it b/c the roses, mauves and golds are perfect for my blue eyes whether I wear one color or three.

So, that’s it. I hope you find at least one of these helpful and are able to share some of your favorite Beauty Products with me!

Why are barns red?

A sorority sister saw this sign and thought of me.

Never thought anyone would see a sign about red barns and think of ME, but I guess that’s where my life is going these days. ūüôā

Why are barns red?

Did I tell you about the time I thought it would be funny to buy Kirk a pair of Carhartt overalls for Christmas and walked into Murdoch’s (which is like a Farm store?…) and had a panic attack.


God, I hope that’s not what people think when we tell them we bought a Ranch in Kansas. It doesn’t smell like a farm or feed or hay or whatever that smell was and our horses are just big, pretty pets we intend to stare at from the front porch with a drink in our hands.


Needless to say, these ponies are NOT my responsibility…I’m over here nursing a baby around the clock, wiping a 4-year-olds butt and obsessing over Fixer Upper.

On a random note, Kirk if you are reading this (and I know you are b/c I saw that you Follow this blog) my 8-year-old rain boots tore today and I think these would make a really great Valentine’s Day gift….I promise to help you out in that Red Barn if you buy me these Red Boots.


Hunter Red Boots


Welcome to the very first installment of my Friday Favorites!! I’m really excited to do these as it’s one of my favorite segments on the blogs I love to follow!

For this first Friday Favorites, I want to share with you my Top 10 Kitchen Tools. With a major Kitchen Remodel under works as Project Number One in The Ranch, I’ve slowly been purchasing some smaller Must Haves for my Dream Kitchen.


  1. Stainless Steel Scraper/Chopper¬†from Amazon ($9.99) This little number is awesome! How have I lived so long without something as simple as this? From cutting vegetables to chopping brownies to scraping herbs into a pot. It has numbers on it which makes it perfect for bakers or people who do things with dough (so obviously not me) and it’s very lightweight and easy to clean! I love it…
  2. Black & Decker Dust Buster Hand Vac from Amazon (Normally $126 but I got Cyber Monday for $38) First, how great of a deal did I get on this baby? I am super excited about it’s power and look forward to sucking up dog hairs, baby crumbs and Reeve’s messes. PLUS…it’s turquoise and looks pretty!
  3. World Market Red Melamine Bowl with Handle¬†$12.00 ¬†I was so excited about this fun, colorful bowl. I use it to mix up a quick cookie dough or mix, but it’s especially great to toss eggshells, trash, dirty measuring spoons, etc in. The handle and spout are added bonuses….I picked up an extra one for a Ladie’s Night Gift Exchange.
  4. World Market Mason Jar Measuring Cups¬†$12.99 I have each of these items on my WishList from Kirk (which probably means I will just buy them for myself and pretend he gave them to me). They just seem to make sense, you know? I have how the measuring cups I have now are so hard to clean b/c they are attached on a ring and I hate how they stack and always still have Olive Oil residue on them…so why not buy ceramic, easy-to-clean ones? Duh….and the color! Who doesn’t love a turquoise anything?
  5. Sprirelli Spiral Slicer 2.0¬†$29.95 I love PASTA! I really do…but I’m well aware of how bad it is for me, so when I found this and first used it I fell in love. Zucchini is my favorite, there is nothing quite as yummy as zucchini noodles with a little olive oil and butter & salt/pepper. You NEED this in your life.
  6. Rachel Ray Lazy Slotted Spoon¬†$11.99 ¬†All I have to say about this is…DUH! How did I not think of and patent this and get crazy rich off of it. I hate lying my spoon on my white counters and spoon rests kind of gross me out….
  7. S’well Bottles¬†($24.99) My friend swears by hers. She says it keeps her hot drinks hot for 24 hours and her cold drinks cold for 24 hours….I haven’t gotten mine yet, but ordered one for me and one for Kirk. I can’t wait to get mine…and what a great gift. PLUS…BONUS…someone told me it holds a whole bottle of wine! Boom!
  8. Zak Designs Saucy! Dressing Bottle & Sauce Bottle Server¬†($9.99) I picked this up at Kohls without really knowing what it was, but then I used it when we had people over and wanted a prettier way that slapping the salad dressing bottle on the table and really realized how great it is to have. Who wants to look at Paul Newman’s face when they can look at this pretty baby?
  9. Joseph Joseph Scoop Plus¬†$13 This is a no-brainer. It’s a spoon, it’s a scooper…it’s a strainer. When you have little kids this is a MUST. They want their noodles plain and you want to add sauce to yours so just use this to scoop out some for them. I’m sure there are many other ways you can use this spoon, but so far that’s about all we’ve needed it for because *someone* hates sauce and vegetables and pukes if there is a single piece of seasoning on his food.
  10. OXO Brownie Spatula¬†($6) Listen, we eat a lot of brownies in this house and I won’t apologize. And there is nothing worse than wanting one brownie sliver and having to take a whole huge piece (((Sarcasm))) b/c all you have is a regular-sized spatula. I love mine…

Welcome ~ First.Post

Well Hello There.

Welcome to my first post here.

My name is Jessie. This is me and my husband, Kirk.¬†He is my favorite person. He is the kindest, most gentle man I’ve ever met. He loves music, baseball and our family so hard you can see it.


Kirk & I ~ October 2015 at Keystone Wedding

I have written a blog for my boys for over 4 years. You can find so much more about them at To Those Who Wait. My hope is that someday they will read about their lives from the day I found out I was pregnant with each of them on with their wives and children and laugh and delight in all the stories and memories I kept for them.

Kirk¬†was my first & only online date. We got married after knowing each other a year and a half. I walked down the aisle to “Here Comes the Sun.”

We have 2 boys (Reeve & Lowe). Each has a story to their name that I love to tell people.


The Day Lowe learned how to roll onto his side and found Brother’s face….

I am from a small town in Kansas (about 800 people). Went to University of Kansas and moved to Denver in 2007.

Turquoise is my favorite color. Sushi my favorite food. Or Mexican. Or fish. Maybe it’s chocolate? What can I say? I love food…especially if I don’t have to cook it.

I can’t bake b/c I have a tendency to¬†improvise….but I wish I could.

I love decorating and have inherited my love for antiques from my parents. I would paint every room in my house a shade of blue if Kirk would let me.

We own a screwdriver and a hammer…so we aren’t very handy (yet), but we seem to always have awesome neighbors who let us borrow their tools.

October, November & December are my favorite months (fall leaves, food and LOTS of presents, sparkles and traditions).

I prefer to wear flip flops but, for some reason, own about 50 pair of shoes

I’m 6 feet tall

and while I could go on and on, I must leave you with this…I honestly believe that there is nothing more important in this world than having a home where my boys feel safe, loved and free to play and explore.

For that reason, and that reason alone, I have named this blog Burbs To Barns. As you will see in my next post, Kirk and I whispered to each other from our pillows for over 2 years a dream that would change our lives and that of our boys in the most positive way imaginable.

I hope you follow us and come along on this dream with us.



Family 15-1.jpg

Family Photo from our Christmas Shoot 2015 ~ Denver